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Throughout Angela’s life in the private and public sector she has been an advocate for inclusive communities and dedicated her career to ensuring that all residents receive access to better opportunities than they had before.
Angela firmly believes that Warren has the potential to grow and flourish. Her experiences have given her the background needed to deliver for Warren residents.

Having grown up in Macomb County, Angela knows what our communities can be, and is committed to doing all she can to make Warren its best.


Angela was born and raised in Macomb County and has lived in Warren for nearly a decade. While growing up, her parents inspired her towards the path of serving others.  By watching her father run a small legal practice and fight for justice for his clients, Angela developed a strong moral compass and desire to establish equity and fairness. Her mother, an incredibly selfless and kind person, taught Angela the virtues of compassion and empathy.

While attending Michigan State University, Angela received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Health Sciences. She continued her education at DePaul University where she earned a Master’s degree in Adult Education. While at DePaul, Angela was recognized with multiple awards and scholarships for her work in the community -specifically as a member of the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Women and as a volunteer for the Dreamcatchers Foundation, where she aided in the support of victims of human trafficking.



Angela has continued to devote her time to helping others. A transformational point in her career occurred while working at The Bread Project, a non-profit workforce development program helping those with barriers to employment gain reentry into the labor market. She was then the Executive Director of another nonprofit, Playworks, which aims to ensure every child in the state of Michigan has the opportunity for safe and healthy play at school. Today, Angela is a small business owner helping nonprofits and businesses grow. She enjoys giving back to her community, caring for her niece and nephews, and playing with two cats and a dog.


In February 2021, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer appointed Angela Chair of the Board and Executive Committee of the Michigan Municipal Services Authority. She also co-chairs the Michigan AFL-CIO Labor Caucus.


Angela is an active member on many City of Warren commissions and committees, including the Animal Welfare and Historical Commissions, Housing Commission, and Freedom of Information Appeals Committee. She also serves as a trustee of the General Employee Retirements System, which oversees nearly $200 million in pension and health trust funds.


Angela serves on the board and is past President of the Detroit Institute of Arts Founders Junior Council; she is Chair of the board for the Democratic Municipal Officials, a sister organization of the DNC; and a recent board member for 4Paws1Heart.

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